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Traditional Medicine Support for Infertility

The art of conception through Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Are you experiencing fertility challenges?
We specialize in the treatment of infertility. Acupuncture can be used alone to increase fertility and achieve pregnancy, or used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies (ART), or in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF), including gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT), zygote intra-fallopian transfer (ZIFT), micro-manipulation, blastocyst transfer, and cryopreservation.

Many women and men have found that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine alone or in conjunction with their infertility regiment enhances their fertility and assists in dealing with the emotional challenges infertility presents. This holds the promise of an overall higher pregnancy rate. Our goal is to assist and support you in conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.  Infertility is one area where there are clinical studies that show that acupuncture can increase pregnancy rates.


Get pregnant sooner using acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

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